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HEADLINE: Jeremy Taggart Goes Rockstar - Trashes Hotel Room
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haha, that Jeremy, he's always up to no good. silly bastard. ^_^

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Duncan [Grin]
So guess who I got to see last night?

I'll give you three guesses...Collapse )

Anyone else go to any of the Clumsy/SM shows? I only made it to last night's SM show in Buffalo, so I missed the Clumsy night on Friday, but even so it was FANTASTIC. The Wonderful Future life = pure happiness. My boyfriend got to see a totally new side of me!! :D :D :D

Oh, and no one can say Steve isn't pulling his weight or anything like that anymore (never should have been said in the first place but whatever) - Steve is amazing, and he did an incredible job on SM. Plus, he's super nice. He came out and had conversations with us and I babbled like an idiot and then he saw I was wearing a Fredonia sweatshirt (where I went to school) and said "That's a real place?! It's not just in the Marx Brothers' movie?" Super funny guy. Everyone should adore Steve!

OLP: 3 new live videos & tour info!
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i'll start off by posting a link to these 3 videos of OLP live and acoustic on a radio show. the audio quality is perfect and i will eventually pull the MP3s from it for you guys.

All You Did Was Save My Life, Clumsy, and The End Is Where We Begin live and acoustic.

but i also wanted to talk about the upcoming tour. not sure how much you have heard about it but OLP will be doing a Canada only tour in which they will play two nights at some of the nicest theaters in Canada. The fist night they will perform their album Clumsy in its entirety, followed by a full set of their other stuff. the second night they will perform Spiritual Machines in its entirety again following it with a full set of their other stuff. this is one of the most ambitious live performances any band has ever attempted. and any OLP fan who has the means should definitely see it! i'm trying to see if i can afford the Winnipeg show in March. and i need to look into the whole passport situation as well. but if anyone from the states is interested in attending the Winnipeg show let me know! i know of a decent hostel that's only like $20/night and is right near downtown.

Right Behind You (Mafia)
Did you KNOW there is a video for this song? Like an official video! I didn't. Apparently it wasn't released here in the states. And is really hard to find. HERE IT IS!

Just in case you didn't notice...
The last mod just decided to delete this community about 30 days ago. All of the entries were deleted as were the memberships. So join again! And post anything... concert pictures, icons, videos... anything. Welcome back, guys!

The End Is Where We Begin
Raine and Steve performing the new release live.

Check out the new official video for the song here.


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